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  • The fan automatically regulates itself when temerature high 29 degree Celsius. It also provides needed ventilation to decrease moisture and water vapor in your attic. This, combined with the decreased

  • All necessary installation hardware included. Can easily replace standard powered attic ventilators

  • Active solar powered attic fan product, is excellent at exhausting attic spaces for roofs. The solar panel provides energy to the fan cool your attic temperatures.

  • Anti-UV outer shell,Exhaust is more than 450CFM.

  • Easily installed with No wiring required. Reduces energy costs

    Model: SC10WD

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ABS Solar Powered Attic fan
SolarCozi GTA/10WA-8ALM
1. PV panel:12V-10 watt
2. 8 inch ALM fans
3. Anti-UV outer shell
4. Thermostation
Other description:
1. Package Size:45*45*14cm
2. Weight:2.3kg
3. Motor description:
-a,Motor with Aluminium alloy shell will be easy to dissipate heat,closed shell will beanti-dust.
-b,This is Brushless Motor with auto-invert voltage into 12V direct current.
-c. Easy to work. Once PV panel out power reach 3W the motor will start work.
-d. Exhaust is more than 450CFM.
-e. Motor life is more than 5 years.
4.Thermostation will turn on when the temperature reach 295°C
5.Warranty 1 year
UPC: 613852202920