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  • Always runs on free solar power.

  • Drastically cuts your cooling bill. Pays for itself in a VERY short time, good for the environment.

  • Cools up to 700 square feet of attic space with its 435 CFM capacity.

  • High Efficiency long life brushless motor starts up even in lower light and overcast conditions.

  • No wiring to perform. Unit is self-contained. Just mount it to the roof and it works automatically.

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NEW Rand 8 Watt Solar Attic Fan With this high quality attic fan, you will dramatically cut your cooling costs in the summer. Your attic can get hotter than 160 degrees in the summer. This heat works its way into your house, and makes it more difficult to cool it in the summer. With this attic fan, you can cool your attic temperatures by up to 50 degrees. In the spring and fall, you may not need air conditioning at all! In the summer, it will dramatically decrease the amount of time that your air conditioning needs to run. And, since it is all powered by the sun, you will get these benefits at no cost to you! It also provides needed ventilation to decrease moisture and water vapor in your attic. This, combined with the decreased attic temperature, can increase the longevity of your entire roof system.

This compact fan is great for small spaces. Or, for larger spaces you can add more fans to get the job done. This fan is great for sheds, greenhouses, campers, boats, covered patios, dog houses, chicken coops, etc.

The features of this Rand Solar Attic Fan are as follows:
•High quality and high efficiency Polycrystaline Silicon Solar Panel.
•Heavy-duty High Impact ABS plastic housing is impervious to corrosion, for an extra long life.
•Cools up to 700 square feet of attic space with its 435 CFM capacity.
•High Efficiency long life brushless motor starts in lower light and overcast conditions. Whisper quiet operation.
•Easy roof-top installation.
•Approximate overall dimensions are: 17 L X 17 W X 4.75 H
•Approximate dimensions of just the ventilator that sits above the roof line are: 13.5 L X 13.5 W X 4.75 H
•Hole diameter that needs to be cut for installation is approximately 11.
•Fan blade diameter is 9.
•Includes 20 year parts warranty.

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